Textile grade PET has a molecular weight of 15000 to 20000 g/mol, which refers to an IV of between 0.55 and 0.67 dl/g.

Analysis Item Unit Specification
Intrinsic Viscosity dl/g 0.63-0.65
Carboxyl End Group % wt Max 32
DEG Content % wt Max1.1
Melting point °c 256
Water Content % wt Max 0.25
Dioxid titanium % wt 0.30-0.40
Chips weight g/100EA 2.6
Chips Dimention mm 3.8*2.6

Although PET has excellent attributes such as high temperature resistance, high glass temperature transmission, resiliency, mechanical properties, low cost and easy process, it also has weak points like low humidity absorption, flammability, hard to dye, fuzz and less bulkiness . Therefore, our company with taking advantage of it’s skilled engineers and lab equipments to produce advanced PET as:
1- PET with higher humidity absorption
2- Fire resistant PET
3- Cationic Dyeable PET
4- High shrinkage PET
5- Low pill PET
6- Anti bacterial PET

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