Golriz Qom Industrial Group (GQIG) is one of the biggest producer of PET granule(BG& TG grade) and PET staple fibre in Iran.
GQIG started it’s first production unit in 1995 under Golriz Qom Nonwoven Co. (GQN) name and after a short period of time, became one of the main producer of nonwoven layer used in water insulation application in Iran.
Taking into consideration, the main raw material of this unit was PET staple fiber and it was 100% imported from foreign sources at the time, GQN directors decided to start a new production line for this key element internally. This led the group to have the second manufacturing plant as Alyaf Golriz Qom Co. (AGQ) in 2003 and not only be independent for raw material but also supply domestic and international market for PET staple fibre. As a result, GQIG has been honoured for several titles as Outrank employer, Dominant exporter, Prevalent and green industrial unit.
Using of 15000 tons/year of recycled bottle flake is an important share to keep our environment clean and tidy. Recycled PET will be used for production of fibres in nonwoven and fill in turnovers.
After a market research, GQIG directors noticed an increase in demands for PET hollow fibres used in bedding and fill in products. Therefore, in 2005 third manufacturing plant was added to this group for PET hollow staple fibre, which was first unit in Iran. Shortly after this, group could cover domestic needs in bedding and fill in industry.
The necessity of 140 tons per day for PET granule used as prime material for fiber production within the group accounted as a need. Thus, in 2008 GQIG step forwarded to install the first private owned polymerization plant in Iran.
The granule made by GQIG can be used in all rang of products including PET filament yarns (POY), textile, bottle and film grade, high density technical yarns.
Ever increasing demand for PET in packing and bottle production was a reason for another establishment within GQIG for a SSP (solid state polymerization) unit 2009.
PET has less environmental harm compare to PVC. It can be recycled easier. In addition, transparency and suitable strength are two other reasons for PET to justify for usage in packaging purposes.
As a part of ongoing growth, GQIG starts it’s new production line in 2009 to stay as the biggest PET fibre producer in Iran. This unit is added under kimiya Polyester Qom Co. (KPQ) name. Taking advantage of new technology and equipments, this unit can produce solid and hollow PET and PP fibres from 1.4 – 15 denier.
Kusha Rangdane Qom Co. (KRQ) is an other member of our group to fulfil a part of our products as a master batch production plant. This unit can supply our group needs as well as external market for PP, PE and PET.
Keyan Alyaf Qom Co. (KAQ) is one of the current projects of GQIG. Having the best European technology, KAQ is aiming to produce PET cotton type, which can be used for polyester-cotton spinning systems. By adding this plant to our existing group, GQIG will have a bigger capacity, better quality and wider products variety.
GQIG is the biggest private owned PET complex in Iran now. Quality is the most important topic to GQIG and will be maintain to highest possible level at all of the times.
To keep our products within standards, GQIG has a close co-operation with National Standard Institute and is a member of R&D in National Industrial Organization of Iran and takes advantage of the latest lab technology to keep our customer satisfied.

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